How to Make Healthy Cookie Recipes

Everyone loves cookies, especially around the holiday season. However, they are one of the least healthy foods that you can eat. All of those refined carbohydrates really help to pack on the pounds and contribute to disease. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy a cookie or two without having your conscience bug you about it?

The nice thing about homemade baked goods is that they are highly customizable. You are in complete control of what goes, or rather doesn’t go, into them. By making simple adjustments to any recipe, you can achieve a cookie with a certain flavor or texture. You can also make it healthier, even nutritious. Here are some of the ways that you can indulge without feeling bad about it.

Whole Grain Flour – When grains are processed, all of the nutritious parts are removed leaving behind nothing but starchy, empty calories. The whole grain possesses protein and fiber which prevent blood sugar spikes and aid digestion. Furthermore, they add a fuller texture and nutty flavor to foods. They’re also far more filling and satisfying because the fiber soaks up water and expands in your stomach. There is a large assortment of different whole grain flours readily available, each with different flavors and nutrient profiles.

Nuts – Nuts are a popular and delicious addition to any cookie recipe due to their texture and flavor, but they’re also incredible for health. Nuts like walnuts, pecans and almonds have a lot of fats that are good for your heart, including omega-3. They also help to reduce elevated blood sugar and ward off metabolic diseases. The more nuts you put in your cookies, the better. It means there’s that much more nutrition and protein to keep you full.

Healthy Oils – Margarine is widely considered a mainstay for baking cookies, but it isn’t the healthiest nor the best performing choice. That title must go to coconut oil. Unlike most oils, coconut oil is mostly solid at room temperature. It produces cookies with a superior texture and appearance while nourishing your body. Numerous studies have found coconut oil to have profound benefits for heart health and fat loss.

Alternative Sweeteners – Instead of packing your cookies full of refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, choose healthier options like raw honey, apple juice concentrate or applesauce. Unlike refined and fake sweeteners, natural ones contain vitamins and minerals that protect from illness and reduce damage to your body.